Karima Kanani

Karima Kanani

Partner - Miller Thomson LLP

Toronto, ON
Healthcare Law Aug 11, 2021

When Karima Kanani found the career that combined her two greatest skill sets – social work and law, it was magic. If you mix your core set of legal skills with your interest area, you will find your passion and work won’t feel like work anymore. When Karima wakes up each morning, she feels a sense purpose – and you can too.
Moyosore Sadiq-Soneye

Moyosore Sadiq-Soneye

Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public - Mo's Law Office

London, ON
Immigration Law Family Law Wills and Estates Healthcare Law Jun 10, 2021

Settling into life in a new country with two young children is hard. Doing so as a foreign trained lawyer conquering the hurdles of re-licensing in Canada, while simultaneously completing diplomas in paralegal studies and immigration consulting is much harder.

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