Zachary Ouimet

Zachary Ouimet

Lawyer & Singer - BCA Avocats & Five Roses

Montreal, QC
Commercial Litigation Insurance Nov 15, 2022

An outgoing social butterfly with the gift of gab, Zach’s parents thought he would make a great lawyer. A self-proclaimed mama’s boy, Zach followed their advice and hoped that his acceptance to law school would give him mom bragging rights.
Jason Demers

Jason Demers

Founding Partner - HD Law Group

Calgary, AB
Civil Litigation Criminal Law Family Law Commercial Litigation Personal Injury Aug 16, 2022

Has anyone ever told you that you were not cut out to be a lawyer? Maybe that you didn’t fit the mold, or would be better suited for another career? Jason Demers has been told all of those things and more, but law is what he wanted to do, and he is no stranger to fighting for what he wants.
Alexandria Chun

Alexandria Chun

Lawyer - Spark Law

Toronto, ON
Video Games & Esports Law Intellectual Property Law Commercial Litigation Corporate Law May 17, 2022

Have your video games and play them too. Unsure of how to combine her passion for the creative space and the desire to help others, a single Twitter post led Alex to a budding practice in video game law. After all, who can better understand than a gamer-turned-lawyer herself?

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