Curtis LeGeyt

Curtis LeGeyt

Making time for the things in life that fulfill him and bring him joy.

This profile was written by Emma Stirling, a law student at the University of Alberta.

Curtis LeGeyt still remembers the exact moment he decided to pursue a career in law. 

At the age of seven, police caught him, and his friend engraving their names into a wall and asked them to perform community service as reparation. Curtis vividly remembers telling his parents to call his lawyer so they could get him off the hook. After realizing he didn’t have a lawyer, Curtis decided to become one himself and fulfilled that goal when he was called to the Bar in 2021.
Although the practice of law interested Curtis, his career goals were initially largely tied to economic success. 

Not long into his legal education, Curtis realized that helping people was more valuable to him than money, and that realization drew him into the field of family law. 

For Curtis, family law practice allows for a perfect balance of providing empathetic advice mixed with level-headed guidance. With a practice area as dynamic as family law, there is no “typical” day for Curtis, and the wide variety of clients he works with gives him the opportunity to approach each case with an open mind. Whether it is conducting client interviews, filing relevant paperwork, or preparing for a court appearance, each day is about managing client needs.
Articling during the pandemic gave Curtis a unique introduction to working as a lawyer, with many client meetings and court appearances happening virtually. While a change from what he initially expected, Curtis didn’t mind the shift to online work as he found it an efficient way to balance client needs with ongoing files. Working at a smaller firm has allowed Curtis to develop strong working relationships with his colleagues, making much of his work collaborative rather than individual. During a time when being physically around other people was not always possible, Curtis has been able to connect with colleagues and clients in ways that may have seemed impossible two years ago. It is the ability to meaningfully connect with his clients, whether over Zoom or in person, that makes Curtis love his job.
Practicing in family law means Curtis is able to see the real-life impact and outcome of his work unfold with every file he takes on. 

While he admits that his career is just starting, Curtis never dreads going to work and uses each day to put his client’s minds at ease. Often, he is helping someone navigate the most significant life change they have ever experienced. 

Clients are rarely happy when they step into Curtis’ office, but Curtis’ goal is to always leave his clients in a more positive place than they were in before coming to him and to support the unique needs of each. Family law can be emotionally taxing, and Curtis believes that having a strong work-life balance is key to maintaining overall well-being in the field.
Working at a small firm has allowed Curtis to have a more flexible work schedule that gives him the ability to enjoy his personal life outside of his job. His advice for young lawyers worried about being consumed by their work is to make it a priority to leave your job when you are done for the day and focus on the parts of your life that exist outside of the pages of a case file. For Curtis, this looks like spending time with his family, friends, and fiancé. But another aspect of his life outside law is rooted in his commitment to the community.
Volunteering has always been an important aspect of Curtis’ life and his experiences with organizations like s Make-A- Wish Foundation helped influence his decision to specialize in family law. Volunteering with Make-A-Wish, Curtis has seen first-hand the impact kindness can have on the lives of families experiencing turmoil and wanted to have the opportunity to support families in times of change through his own practice. Curtis knows the important role lawyers play in our communities and believes that carving out time for this role is just as important as making time for ourselves.
Achieving a perfect work-life balance can seem impossible, but if there is one thing Curtis would tell someone trying to find their ideal career in law, it would be to never give up on the passions you had before you became a lawyer. 

You must always make time for the things in life that fulfill you and bring you joy.