Happy Lawyer Profile Writing Contest

Happy Lawyer Profile Writing Contest

Not Your Average Law Job (“NYALJ”) is launching a new profile writing contest for  anyone with an interest in writing, promoting happiness in law and non-traditional  legal career paths. Enter today for a chance at winning a cash prize! 


NYALJ was created as a resource for lawyers who are feeling trapped or unfulfilled in  their current jobs and are looking to find a better fit. A main component of our project  is to profile happy lawyers who have taken less-traditional career paths to inspire  readers to find the law career that fits their unique values and lifestyle. We have  talked to happy lawyers from across Canada who do lawyering differently. Now it’s  your turn! 


Our profiles are as unique as the lawyers featured in them. As a result, we encourage  contestants to interview a “happy lawyer” of their choosing and write a profile  highlighting their less-traditional career path through law and how they have found  happiness in the legal profession. This is not only a great opportunity to practice your  writing and interviewing skills and potentially take home some cash, but also an  opportunity to make a connection in the legal profession. 

When we say “happy lawyer”, we don’t necessarily mean lawyers who walk around  grinning every day. We have profiled many lawyers who struggle with their mental  health or feel the burden of their work but are fulfilled and thriving. What we mean  by “happy lawyer” is lawyers who have found purpose and joy in the career that they  do, despite any challenges they may face or the work it took to get there. 

Profiles must observe the following guidelines: 

A. Profiles have a 1,000-word limit; 
B. Profilee is a lawyer or non-practicing professors who practices in Canada; 
C. Profilee must be “happy” with their legal career, and willing to be vulnerable in sharing their challenges, lessons learned and advice; 
D. Profiles may be written in English or in French;  
E. The author’s name, contact information and a short paragraph about  them (250 words or less) should be included at the end of the profile.

Profiles will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

a. Creativity and originality. 
b. Effectiveness of organization and structure. 
c. Quality of writing: concise, clear, and easy-reading blog style (not “legalese”) 

There is a limit of 2 entries per author. If you would like to enter more than 2 profiles, please contact NYALJ for permission at hello@notaveragelaw.ca. Permission will be  granted at the discretion of NYALJ. 

Profile authors must not represent themselves as representatives/employees of  NYALJ when they approach lawyers to profile. 


The winning profiles will be published on the NYALJ website with the author’s name  and short bio. These profiles will also be shared through NYALJ social media channels  and authors will have any of their accounts tagged that they wish to. Authors of all  published profiles will be given a cash prize of $100. 


Note: Profiles will be assessed and published on a rolling basis.

Submission Deadline: Monday, May 30th, 2022. Send your profile submissions to hello@notaveragelaw.com 


The author of the profile and the candidate will grant NYALJ the non-exclusive right  to produce, reproduce and publish the profile. NYALJ will acknowledge in any  publication the authorship as noted in the work. The author authorizes NYALJ to  make any and all editorial revisions that the NYALJ team may deem necessary for the  purpose of such publication. The author warrants that the appropriate  acknowledgement has been given and consent obtained from the profile candidate  (“happy lawyer”) that the work is original and its use and publication by NYALJ will not  expose NYALJ to any claim or liability for breach of confidence or copyright.


• Can you describe your “not average law job”? 
• What are some challenges you have faced when pursuing your legal career?  
• What are some of the things you love about your job? 
• What are your interests/ things you love to do outside of work? 
• How do you  balance your work schedule with those things? 
• What kind of considerations (financial, mental, etc.) did you take into  account when deciding to pursue your career? 
• Many think lawyers who prioritize happy careers make a lot less money. Is  this true for you? 
• What advice would you have for another lawyer or a law student considering  a similar practice? 



Submissions must not infringe the intellectual property rights of others and must not  plagiarize another’s work. Plagiarism is deliberately presenting the ideas, expression  of ideas, or work of others as one’s own. NYALJ reserves the right to assess all  submissions for content that potentially infringes on or plagiarizes the work of  another and will disqualify any candidate that submits such content.