Happy Lawyers at Work with Sara Forte

Happy Lawyers at Work with Sara Forte

Excerpts of an article originally posted on July 20, 2022 from the Joyful Practice for Women Lawyers.

After many years of traditional law practice, in 2016 Sara launched Forte Workplace Law, a boutique labour and employment firm that has grown from a solo practice to a team of 14. In 2021, Sara launched Not Your Average Law Job™, an online project shining a light on happy lawyers and their wild and wonderful legal practices. I loved this conversation, and I know you’re going to love it too.
Tune [into this episode] to hear how Sara built a firm that serves her, her team, and the clients they serve. Sara is walking us through how to understand the seasons of your career, the experimenting she did in developing her practice, the values that have driven her along the way, and her tips for assessing your next career move.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:
  • Sara’s journey in law and all the different roles she plays throughout different organizations.
  • Why Sara’s career progress hasn’t been linear, and yours won’t be either.
  • How to see where your career is a reflection of your needs and what your work is demanding of you.
  • Sara’s process for evaluating options deciding on the pros and cons of each of her career moves.
  • How Sara has created a space that allows her team to have individualized work arrangements that have kept them in the industry.
  • The values that have guided Sara as she’s grown her firm.
  • How to decide what your career could look like and why risk could be the doorway to exactly what you want.
  • Sara’s advice to any lawyers that want to be happier in their job.

Listen to the full episode here!

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