Celebrating Not Your Average Law Job’s 2-year Anniversary!

Celebrating Not Your Average Law Job’s 2-year Anniversary!

Today marks two years since Not Your Average Law Job™ first launched on June 15, 2021. So much has happened for this little project with big dreams over this short period. We recently reflected on the highlights, some of which are:

We have employed 3 law students.
This is something we are proud of for a couple of reasons. We’re happy to give back to the community by giving law students jobs that help pay the bills, boost their resumes, and make connections in the profession. We also know that expectations about working as a lawyer start early and we hope to influence those expectations positively.

We won an award.
In early 2022, we won a Clawbie (Canadian Law Blog Awards) in the category of “Best Innovative Projects”.

We have been written about.
The project has received media attention, including in articles published by Lawyers Financial, Canadian Lawyer Magazine, and CLE BC. We have also written articles for CBA National (here and here) and for CBABC BarTalk.

We have partnered with fantastic sponsors.
One of the most exciting things to happen over the past two years is that we have linked up with sponsors who share goals similar to ours. Lawyers Financial has been enormously helpful in keeping the project going and we cannot express how thankful we are for their support. We are also extremely grateful for the support we have received from Gimbal, Triella, and Appara.

We have connected with a community.
It’s been a lot of fun watching our social media followings grow as more lawyers and law students connect with the project. Our LinkedIn page now has 3,462 followers (and counting) and it is exciting to know that many people are feeling the happiness the project aims to bring.

We have profiled almost 100 happy lawyers.
This may be our greatest accomplishment yet. We are about to start the countdown to 100 happy lawyers and will hit that number by September. When Not Your Average Law Job’s founder, Sara Forte, started the project, someone told her she would never find 100 happy lawyers in Canada. We are glad to report that it has been easy to find that many happy lawyers and we are nowhere close to running out of people to interview and write about!

What will Year 3 bring?
More happy lawyer profiles and plans for new initiatives. We’re also excited to see what surprises come our way!

Thank you for your continued support.

The Not Average Law Team

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